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City Ward of Košice-Kavečany  is a autonomous local self-governing and administrative unit of the Slovak Republic, it gathers persons who have a habitancy in the area of Košice-Kavečany.

City Ward  is a corporate body that autonomously manages its own finances, property and profit.

Conditions for creation of municipality, its status, authorities, competemces and responsibilities are mentioned is the basic forms of the statute: Act No. 369/1990 Coll. on Municipal Establishment, the Act No. 401/1990 Coll. of the City Košice and Statue of City Košice.



City Ward Mayor:                    Martin Balčík, JUDr.

Population:                                        1235

Address:                                             Košice-Kavečany

                                                             Široká 17/A

                                                             040 01 Košice


Area of village:                                   1100  hectares

First written reference:                     1347

County:                                                Košice I

                                                             Košice self-governing region

Identifcation number:                       0069090

Municipality code:                              598119

Bank contact:                                    UniCredit Bank Slovakia, a.s.

Tax identity:                                        1425059002/1111




Phone no.:                              00421-55-63 341 00
Fax no.:                                  00421-55-63 341 00
Web side:                     

City Ward elected authorities: 

City Ward Mayor:                                      Martin Balčík, JUDr.

Members of City Ward Council:
    Michal Bradovka

                                                                     Agáta Šemráková, Bc.

                                                    Gabriel Hudák

Chief City Ward auditor:                          Ľudovít Priester, Ing.



The city ward Košice - Kavečany is situated 6 km nortwest of Košice at 453 metres above sea-level. It has a rural character with a population more than 1150 inhabitants. Kavečany is a popular place mostly for recreational activities. The ski resort offers a variety of services including a snowmaking. There are excellent conditions for both cross-country and downhill skiing here. Another local attractions are the summer toboggan track and the third largest zoological garden in Europe. Surrounding countryside offers lots of hiking and biking trails which extend to the great and attractive area of Čierna Hora. The most interesting cultural and social events during the year are surely associated with the local folklore ensemble “Kavečianka”, who preserves the traditions of their ancestors through the songs and dance routines. The annual half marathon run and the new motocross race are the most significant sports events in the village.


 Štart Malého kavečianskeho maratónu 2011


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